Tombow Blending Kit

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Tombow Blending KitThe Tombow Blending Kit's name hardly does justice to the bewildering array of of techniques that can be achieved with this  little pack.
Each kit contains a Blending Palette, a Colourless Blender Pen and a Spray Mister.

Apply a Tombow brush pen (not included) colour to the Blending Palette, pick up the colour by dragging the Colourless Blender and apply to your composition. The colour will blend magically from dark to light.

You can apply different colours and blend together to create any number of hues.

On watercolour paper you can use the blender to feather and blend out colours. The Spray Mister can be used to apply a fine mist over large areas or up close for detailed work. 

The kit also includes a handy menu of hints, tips and techniques to help you get the best out of its many uses.