Left Handed Pencil Accessories

  • Pencil accessories designed for left handers
  • Grips to lessen pain when using pens, pencils & brushes
  • left handed pencil sharpeners
  • Everyone at pencils4artists is right handed so let us know if there is a let handed pencil product you would like to see here!
Kum Micro Two-In-One Lefty Sharpener
This great double holed sharpener is made especially for left handed people. Will sharpen standard pencils as well as larger gauge pencils.

The sharpener is made of milled magnesium alloy with a plastic container for catching the shavings.
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Stabilo Easy Left Handed Sharpener
This excellently designed two hole sharpener is ergonomically designed for good grip and is especially made for left handed people.   Will sharpen most standard pencils.

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