Artists' Powders

  • Mix with water or binding agents then apply with brush, finger or cloth to cover larger areas
  • Use an oil pencil under the work to create permanent lines
  • Try scattering the powders and working with fingers to create shading
  • Use on paper, wood, canvas, plaster or any absorbent material to create a metallic surface

Coates Artist Willow Charcoal Powder - 125ml
Finest Coates Willow charcoal sticks ground into a fine (120 microns) powder. This willow charcoal powder is ideal for large scale art work, subtle shading or even mixing with water or paint. It can be applied to any absorbent surface with a brush or with fingers.
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Nitram Powdered Charcoal 175g  POT

Nitram Powdered Charcoal is milled to an extremely fine and uniform particle size. 

It can be applied with brush or paper stump to achieve an almost unlimited amount of shades and textures, and is also extremely lightfast. A sturdy aluminium tin, which is refillable and reusable, ensures the 175g of fine charcoal is kept in the best possible condition.

There is also a handy recessed reservoir in the lid to ensure you always have the correct amount needed and limit waste.

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Koh I Noor 80g Graphite Powder
This excellent little bottle of graphite powder comes with a nib to enable you to use it for detail work as well as larger work.
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Cretacolor Sanguine Artists' Powder
230g of Sanguine powder in clear plastic container.

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Cretacolor Charcoal Artists' Powder
175g of Charcoal powder in clear plastic container.

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Cretacolor Sepia Artists' Powder
230g of Sepia powder in clear plastic container.

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Cretacolor Graphite Artists' Powder
150g of Graphite powder in clear plastic container.


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