Oil Pastels

  • Build up layers of colour with dense heavy stroke
  • Dilute with a little turps or white spirit to create a wash with the same properties as thinned oil paint
  • Once dry you can overwork with dry oil pastels to add texture and detail
  • Use oil pastels with watercolour to create interesting effects under washes

Unlike oil sticks, oil pastels never fully dry and they remain heat sensitive.  It is recommended that you use an oil pastel fixative to seal your work.

Staedtler Oil Pastels

Staedtler Oil PastelsThese high quality oil pastels are waterproof and highly break resistant.  Paper wrapped to keep your fingers a bit cleaner they will adhere to most smooth surfaces and have excellent brilliance.  Oil pastels can be dilute with turps or white spirit to create different effects.

Sennelier Oil Pastels

Sennelier Oil PastelsSennelier oil pastels were developed in 1949 specifically for Pable Picasso. Picasso was looking for a pastel with intense colour that could be applied directly to a number of surfaces.

Sennelier make their Oil Pastels with a unique combination of non aggressive oils and waxes so they can be used on almost any surface without cracking.  All colours are 100% lightfast. Unlike oil sticks, oil pastels don't become completely dry and remain heat sensitive. It is therefore recommended that oil pastel fixative is used with Sennelier oil pastels.

Pentel Oil Pastels

Pentel Oil PastelsPentel Oil Pastels are a great budget range for younger artists or beginners. With these you can 'dabble' as much as you like without breaking the bank!  Great colour coverage and blendable with the addition of a little turps.