Pencil Extenders & Holders

  • Pencil Holders allow you to use your favourite pencils right down to the stump
  • Ensure a comforatable grip every time
  • Use a crayon holder with your graphite or wax crayons to keep your hands clean
  • Pencil Holders available for just about every size of pencil!
Koh I Noor 5.6mm lead holder
A lead holder for any 5.6mm lead.  Comes complete with an HB lead in it
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Derwent Pencil Extenders – Pack of 2 mixed Size
This excellent pack of 2 pencil extenders from Derwent means you can use your pencils right down to the stump.  A smaller one for standard pencils (most graphite pencils and some brands of colour pencils) and a slightly larger ones for pencils such as Coloursoft or Artists which have a wider barrel.

(-22.43%) £7.99
Cretacolor Monolith Pencil Extender
Extend your favourite pencils with this sophisticated pencil extender. Hand-coloured in marbled white and silver design and fitted with a solid metal clamp. 
Will fit any standard pencil.

(-12.00%) £5.50
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Cretacolor 5.6mm Lead Holder - Natural Wood
A holder for making working with 5.6mm leads cleaner and easier, while also protecting the leads.
Comes complete with a 2B Graphite lead


(-14.11%) £11.99
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Cretacolor Classic Lead Holder for 5.6mm leads 430 16
The triangular shaped, plastic 5.6mm lead holder comes complete with a 2B Graphite lead and has a lovely comfortable grip.

(-13.79%) £12.50
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Cretacolor Ergonomic Plastic Lead Holder with Sharpener for 5.6mm leads 430 15
The ergonomically shaped 5.6mm lead holder with a useful lead sharpener at the other end. Comes complete with a 2B Graphite lead

(-15.21%) £13.99
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Lyra Crayon Holder 4766120
A holder for the Lyra Graphite and Watersoluble Graphite Crayons, or Lyra Profi Marking Crayon (and any crayons of 12mm) that will stop you getting so messy and allow you to use your crayons right to the stump!

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