Mobius & Ruppert

In 1908 Mobius became the first company to commercially manufacture sharpeners. In 1922 as newly formed Mobius und Ruppert they opened up a factory at Erlangen, the heart of Germany’s pencil industry, and have stayed there ever since. 

M&R design and manufacture every component of their products including, most importantly, their world renowned blades. Every item is made with precision German engineering and they are a staple for schools, offices and artists studio in over 75 countries worldwide.

Mobius & Ruppert Triple Pencil Sharpener

 This beautifully little product manages to pack a lot into its innovative design.  The magnesium shell holds three blades of different lengths and functions

One is a normal sharpener that shaves the barrel and core at the same time.  second sharpens just the wood, leaving the core solid and exposed.  The third acts like a lead pointer, sharpening the core only. 

You can achieve three different shapes to your pencil tip depending on what type of project you are working on. Takes up to 11mm barrel


(-11.76%) £3.75
Mobius & Ruppert Double Hole Brass Round Sharpener

With the sort of weight to it that screams quality these lovely brass sharpeners sharpen both standard and larger diameter pencils


(-12.23%) £7.25
Mobius & Ruppert Single Hole Sharpener + 2 spare blades

Presented in a lovely little box this single hole sharpener comes with 2 extra blades.


(-11.43%) £1.55
Mobius & Ruppert Double Hole Wooden Sharpener

A Beechwood sharpener for standard and larger pencils


(-13.46%) £2.25
Mobius & Ruppert Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener
This brilliant but compact battery sharpener is made to be robust and reliable. It can handle any graphite or colour pencil up to 8mm diameter. The precision engineered metal blade ensure smooth and even sharpening time after time and is housed in an elegant black plastic case. There is a transparent, removable front for easy emptying.

Requires two AA batteries which are not included.

(-16.67%) £13.75
Mobius & Ruppert Die Cast Crank Sharpening Machine

This heavyweight desk sharpener is robust enough for the office or school but also perfect for home use. The crank can be turned one way for graphite and the other for coloured pencils, ensuring you always get the perfect sharpen. The length of the point is fully adjustable and it will sharpen all pencils from 7.8mm up to 11.5mm with equal precision. Metal grips hold the pencil securely in place.

All this precision comes protected in a very solid die-cast holding.

A luxurious gift for another artist or treat for yourself!

(-17.05%) £55.99
Mobius & Ruppert Crank Sharpener - Red

Whatever the setting, the M&R Crank Sharpener is the everyday hero when it comes to easy, precise, sharpening. 

Rubber claws grip the pencil securely for excellent and reliable sharpening without damage to the barrel. The position can be adjusted for long or short cone points, meaning both graphite and colour pencils can be handled equally, and an auto stop keeps the core from being over-sharpened and breaking.

The sharpener is made with solid plastic with a transparent shavings tub.

(-11.16%) £19.99
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Mobius & Ruppert 2mm Lead Pointer

The Mobius and Ruppert Lead Pointer with tub has an extremely durable, specially hardened blade which ensures the lead is always sharpened without breaking.  There are two holes for either fine or slightly thicker pointing. The handy tub catches all the graphite powder.  

For any 2mm clutch pencil

(-12.80%) £11.99