Tortillons or Paper Stumps

  • Paper Stumps or Tortillons are used for blending
  • Various sizes available for all sizes of work
  • Re point by using a sandpaper block
  • You can also use a sandpaper block to clean a paper stump
Koh I Noor Set of 8 Paper Stumps (mixed sizes)
A great set of 8 paper stumps of varying sizes.  
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Faber Castell Paper Stump (10mm)
This is a slightly larger than usual paper stump, ideal for blending and smudging pastel and pencil. 

(-15.72%) £3.70
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Derwent Paper Stump (8mm)
Excellent for blending pastel or charcoal with minimal mess!

(-22.00%) £1.95
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Derwent Paper Stumps Set of 3
A set of 3 mixed size paper stumps from Derwent.  Made from rice paper they are smoother and more effective than normal paper.  To sharpen or clean use a sandpaper block.

(-22.22%) £3.50
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Cretacolor Paper Stumps Set of 5
A handy set of 5 different sized blending stumps from 4mm - 9mm to allow for blending in larger areas as well as more detailed work.

(-15.45%) £4.65
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Staedtler Paper Stumps Set of 4
Four different sized paper stumps from Staedtler for all blending eventualities!  Sizes 1, 4, 6 & 8.  Can be re-pointed with sandpaper.

(-24.65%) £4.25
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Conte Paper Stump Small (5mm)
A fine, 5mm paper stump for detailed blending.

(-11.43%) £1.55
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Conte Paper Stump Medium (7.5mm)
A medium, 7.5mm paper stump for detailed blending.

(-11.43%) £1.55
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Conte Paper Stump  Large (9.5mm)
A wider, 9.5mm paper stump for detailed blending.

(-11.43%) £1.55
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Conte Paper Stumps Blending Set
This great little blending set comprises of 3 different sized paper stumps, a tortillon and a soft eraser.

(-14.17%) £5.15
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Cretacolor Artists Blending Set for Pastels, Charcoal & Graphite
For blending and shading of pastels, charcoal and graphite.

(-16.27%) £14.20
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