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Pilot SCPM Paint marker
Gloss paint in a pen! A sharp glossy surface on most non absorbent surfaces. Permanent and waterproof with a medium, bullet tip nib that gives a 2mm line.

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Eco Eco Extra Strong Bag A4+
Extra strong pencils case, made from 95% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. 

Measures 360mm x 250mm.  

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Nitram Charcoal Baton Deluxe Charcoal Holder

This great product is a lightweight plastic holder that keeps a secure grip on the charcoal stick. This means you can work cleanly and quickly. The Baton comes in a presentation box and includes 5x4mm charcoal sticks.

Each stick is made with Nitram's unique manufacturing process that makes the charcoal less brittle and has less dust.

For the MIGNONETTES Nitram charcoal batons

(-14.55%) £23.50
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Nitram Charcoal Mignonette refills (7 sticks)


These Mignonettes fit the NITRAM BATON DELUXE holder.


(-11.04%) £9.75
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Pencil4artists test bundle
a big bundle with a big bunch of stuff
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Kum Correc Stick

A pencil shaped eraser which is really comfortable to hold.  It sits nicely in the hand with the ergonomic grip zone and has a pointed end for fine erasing and a round end for broader erasing.

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Derwent Pastel Blocks - singles
Not quite as firm as traditional hard pastels, Derwent Pastel Blocks are semi-hard and give a smooth and silky finish. The square shape allows you to put down broad sweeps of colour or use the edge for more detailed work. A colourless blending white enables you to blend all the colours without altering their density or shade.

Click here for more on Derwent Pastel Blocks
 RRP £1.42
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Faber Castell Grip 2001 Graphite Pencils Jumbo - singles
Jumbo version of the 2001 Grip HB Pencil.  With an ergonomic design and non slip grip zone they are perfect for anyone with gripping issues or for small hands. 

RRP £1.40
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Mesh Pencil Pot

Smart metal pencil pots in black or silver

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