Nitram Charcoal

For nearly fifty years Nitram refined the process of charcoal making in the heart of France. Started by Martin Gros, (hence the name, Martin spelled backwards) it was a family company until moving, along with the original oven and processes, to Canada.  Nitram Charcoal has become  known by artists around the globe for it's unique qualities.  It is extremely durable, easy to erase, can be sharpened to a point, and generates less dust than comparable products.

Nitram Charcoal H (Hard) 5mm x 5
Square charcoal sticks - grade H
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Nitram Charcoal  HB (Medium) 5mm x 5
Square charcoal sticks - grade HB
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Nitram Charcoal  B (Soft) 5mm x 5
Square charcoal sticks - grade B
(-15.60%) £9.25
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Nitram Charcoal Petits Bâtons - Extra Soft Round 6mm x 5
Size small.  Round charcoal sticks - Extra Soft 6mm diameter
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Nitram Starter Kit

A brilliant introduction to Nitram, this little kit has one of each baton H, HB, B and an extra soft round stick.  It also contains  a small sharpening block with replacement pads.  

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Nitram Charcoal Assorted box of charcoals (8 sticks)
A useful set of containing

2 x H 5mm sticks
2 x B 5mm sticks
2 x HB 5mm sticks
2 x round 6mm charcoal batons
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Nitram Charcoal Stylus pack with 4 coloured buttons and 4 charcoals

A beautiful product made for people who love to use charcoal for drawing and detailing. The Nitram Stylus is made from stainless steel and polycarbonate which fits comfortably in your hand, allowing accurate and clean sketching.

There are 4 sticks in grade H, HB, B and 6mm round varieties, each with a colour coded ring, for easy identification. They can be removed and replaced by unscrewing the stylus collar and removing from the clamp. The sticks are made from durable charcoal and can be shaped or sanded into a point with a sandpaper block.

For use with Nitram 5mm sticks (B, HB and H) and the 6mm round baton

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Nitram Charcoal Bâtons Moyens - Extra Soft Round 8mm x 5
Medium size.  Round charcoal sticks - Extra Soft 8mm diameter
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Nitram Charcoal Bâtons Épais - Extra Soft Round 12mm x 5
Large size.  Round charcoal sticks - Extra Soft 12mm diameter
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Nitram Charcoal Single Maxi Bâton de saule 50mm (Extra Soft)
A single 50mm round charcoal stick.  Extra soft.
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Nitram Charcoal Demi Bâton de saule 25mm (X Soft) pk of 2
2 x 25mm round charcoal sticks.  Extra soft.
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Nitram Charcoal single Bloc de saule 46mm x 15mm (Extra Soft)
A large, rectangular block, 46mm x 15mm.  Extra soft
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Nitram Charcoal Sharpening Block with 2 spare pads

The Nitram Sanding Block is absolutely ideal for quick and easypointing or shaping of charcoal. At 8cm wide and 23 cm long it is bigger thanother sandpaper blocks and has a larger handle for stability and ease ofuse. You can achieve the exact shape youwant quickly and therefore with less waste.

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Nitram Charcoal Sharpening Block replacement pads (pk of 5)

5 replacement pads for your Nitram Charcoal sharpening Block

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Nitram Charcoal Mignonette refills (7 sticks)


These Mignonettes fit the NITRAM BATON DELUXE holder.


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Nitram Powdered Charcoal 175g  POT

Nitram Powdered Charcoal is milled to an extremely fine and uniform particle size. 

It can be applied with brush or paper stump to achieve an almost unlimited amount of shades and textures, and is also extremely lightfast. A sturdy aluminium tin, which is refillable and reusable, ensures the 175g of fine charcoal is kept in the best possible condition.

There is also a handy recessed reservoir in the lid to ensure you always have the correct amount needed and limit waste.

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Nitram Liquid Charcoal 50ml tube

An extremely versatile product, liquid charcoal is fine ground charcoal mixed with gum Arabic.  This gives an oil paint quality that squeezes straight from the tube. It is even thick enough to be applied with a palette knife. 

It is water soluble so you can achieve any shade you want from original dark black to light greys just by the level of dilution.

The water/charcoal powder mixture means you have the ability to get various granulation effects into your work, especially when used with textured paper.

The liquid charcoal will dry to a matt finish. 50ml tube

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Pencils4artists Colour Compare Set of 12 Charcoal Pencils
A set of 12 charcoal pencils from across several of our ranges.  The sets will all contain at least 1 white charocal and different grades of hard, medium and soft charcoal to give you a really comprehensive collection
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