General Pencil Company

The General Pencil Company is a family owned business which has been manufacturing pencils since 1889. With a commitment to making the finest quality pencils possible, all their pencil products are cased in genuine Californian Cedar from sustainable sources.

Still made by traditional methods at their factory in New Jersey, USA, General Pencils Charcoal pencil is an excellent product from a company famous for its consistent quality.
General's Peel & Sketch Charcoal Pencils
General’s Peel & Sketch is a stick of beautiful smooth charcoal which is wrapped in paper. Simply pull the string to unwrap what is required leaving the rest conveniently clean, pristine and safe until needed.

 Available in 3 degrees. Soft, Medium, Hard.

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General's Charcoal Pencils 557 & 558 White
Billed by the General Pencil Co as the 'Original charcoal drawing pencil' these pencils have a smooth, rich black drawing formula which is perfect for still life and other sketching.  The pencils are bonded too the wood with the exclusive 'Carbo weld' bonding process for added strength and reliability

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General's Carbon Sketch Pencil 595
Generals Carbon Sketch pencils are made with a unique formula which combines the smoothness of graphite with the darkness of charcoal. They lay down jet black lines which are perfect for sketching, drawing and layout. Handcrafted and cased in sustainable Incense Cedar wood for a beautiful finish.

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Pencils4artists 'Blacker than Black' Carbon Pencils Compare Set
Many pencil artists struggle to find that elusive 'blacker than black' line that doesn't have the shine of traditional graphite.  There are a bewildering array of types of these pencils on the market with some using ink in the mix, some using charcoal, some using oil.  Here we gather together a selection for you to try to see if you can find that perfect black line!
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