Itís a bold claim for any manufacturer to state that their pens are regarded as the highest quality alcohol based markers in the world, but Copicís confidence may well be justified. Designed and engineered to exacting Japanese standards, the iconic markers are beloved by everyone from beginner to professional.

Most of the pens are refillable, durable, and nibs can be replaced, making them a tool with lasting effectiveness and therefore more friendly to the environment than single use markers.

Offering the widest colour spectrum on the market , a whopping 358 hues, and with strict quality control ensuring that colour consistency is guaranteed, it is no wonder that Copic pens are considered an investment for life.

Copic Multiliner & Copic Multiliner SP

Copic Multiliner & Copic Multiliner SP

The Copic Multiliner is a fantastic tool for outlining or line drawing. The ink is water and alcohol resistant making them perfect for use with Copic marker inks. The line will remain sharp and not bleed. The pens are available in different colours and nib sizes .

The Copic Multiliner SP has all the benefits of the original Multiliner, but the pens are refillable. Same great non-bleed ink and sharp outlining qualities but with replacement cartridges and nibs, so even more reason to get an already outstanding drawing tool!

Copic Ciao Double Ended Marker Pens

Copic Ciao Double Ended Marker Pens

Copic markers are world famous for the quality of their markers and with good reason.  The double tipped Ciao markers are the perfect starter marker for students or hobbyists.

The huge colour range comes in non toxic ink which is not only blendable, but can be layered, so thereís virtually no hue which cannot be achieved.

The Ciao markers have both a medium broad and super brush nib so are excellent for sketching, Manga and layout . The alcohol based ink is fast drying and will not smear.

Computerised colour matching and strict manufacturing standards have provided over 25 years of guaranteed colour consistency. Copic inks never vary from batch to batch.