Tom Norton's Walnut Ink - Darkening Medium 42ml

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Tom Norton's Walnut Ink - Darkening Medium 42ml

Tom started developing his ink in a Massachusetts basement in 1995. His aim was to reproduce the sepia colour seen in many of the Old Masters works, which bordered the line between ink and paint. The ink used in these compositions didnít start sepia but faded from black over time.

Tomís aim was to achieve the walnut colour without the aging process and this is why his product is so named, not because it actually contains the nut. Unlike genuine walnut ink Tomís formula is non-acidic and has high levels of lightfastness, so it will not fade.

Walnut Drawing Ink is water soluble and can be used like a watercolour, meaning it can be layered to darken or lifted with a wet brush to lighten. In short itís a beautiful, versatile medium that can be used for any number of drawing and painting techniques.

Sometimes there is a need to darken Walnut ink and this medium is definitely the best way to do it.

Adding normal black ink to your work will darken it, but you can lose the warmth and tonality, whereas this darkening medium has the same properties as Walnut Drawing Ink so they can be mixed without changing any of the working qualities.

The heavily pigmented darkening medium can also be used on its own and produces an intense dark brown.