Stabilo Carbothello Chalk Pastel Pencils tin of 60

(-17.17%) £99.99
Stabilo Carbothello Chalk Pastel Pencils tin of 60Stabilo CarbOthello Pastel Pencils have a lovely dry stroke which can be easily blended dry or with water.  With a highly pigmented, 4.4mm core CarbOthello gives a beautiful finish on dark backgrounds as well as on lighter paper.  High levels of lightfastness and great luminosity and opaqueness.  

  • Wonderful dry, dusty stroke which is fully blendable
  • 60 bright colours with 4.4mm wide cores
  • Partially watersoluble - heavier contours will remain visible
  • High luminosity gives brilliant results on dark backgrounds

The entire range of Stabilo Carbothello Chalk Pastel Pencils in one tin!

Plus a sharpener, a kneadable eraser and a blending stump