Propelling Pencils & Leads

  • Propelling or Automatic Pencils for all types of design and art work
  • Choose from lots of different lead grades
  • Refill leads and erasers to fit most standard propelling pencils
  • Great for detailed work and t0o maintain comfortable hold at all times

Aristo Mechancial Pencils

Aristo Mechancial PencilsIf you want to get technical then Aristo is the place to start. They have been manufacturing mathematical and drawing aids in Austria since 1862, and the brand is recognised around the world for its innovative designs. The precision and high quality of Aristo products means they aren’t lying in their stated attempt to provide the best tools for the journey from young student to top designer.

Faber Castell Mechanical Pencils & Leads

Faber Castell Mechanical Pencils & LeadsWith a long pedigree in making precision technical drawing pencils, Faber Castell offer an impressive range of propelling pencils.  From the super stylish TK Fine Pencils range to the more everday Grip and Gripmatic ranges there is something for every budget.

We also stock the full range of refill leads from Faber Castell.

Faber Castell Clutch Pencils & Leads

Faber Castell Clutch Pencils & Leads2mm Clutch pencils have long been used for most kinds of drawing and sketching.  Faber's classic TK ranges of Clutch pencils offer classic, sleek pencils with high quality leads in a wide range of grades.  We also have sharpeners especially for 2mm leads to keep your pencil ready for action at all times!

Staedtler Propelling Pencils & Refill Leads

Staedtler Propelling Pencils & Refill LeadsStaedtler offer a superb range of mechanical pencils using advanced graphite technology for superb results.  With cushioned leads to prevent breakage Staedtler propelling pencils give an exceptionally smooth writing experience.

Staedtler 2mm Clutch Pencils & Refill Leads

Staedtler 2mm Clutch Pencils & Refill LeadsStaedtler 2mm lead holders have taken the humble pencil to new levels of convenience and practicality!  The cushioned leads provide excellent break resistance and the nice, broad 2mm leads give an exceptionally smooth drawing experience.

Tombow Monograph 0.5mm Propelling Pencils

Tombow Monograph 0.5mm Propelling PencilsThis excellent new propelling pencil from Tombow has the lead advanced in two different ways.  You can either use the press clip or you can simply shake the pencil!  Once at the required length simply slide the clip up to lock the lead in place.  

With a nice long twist eraser at the top and a really nice, chunky feel in the hand this is a new player in the mid range propelling pencil market.

Takes all standard 0.5mm leads

Pentel Automatic Pencils & Refill Leads

Pentel Automatic Pencils & Refill LeadsPentel are well known for their high quality automatic pencils (otherwise called propelling pencils or mechanical pencils). From the utility Pentel A300 series to the lovely Graphgear 1000 pencil there is a pencil to suit every need and every budget.

Pilot ENO Pencil Leads

Pilot ENO Pencil Leads

Pilot ENO Pencil Leads are extra strong and last longer than most other leads thanks to their clever polymer bonding technology.  Available in sizes 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm in grades from 4B - 4H.

Pilot ENO Leads will fit any brand of propelling pencil of the appropriate size.

Cretacolor 5.6mm Leads & Accessories

Cretacolor 5.6mm Leads & Accessories
Cretacolor 5.6mm Leads are a range solid leads which used with a holder are ideal for sketching and drawing.  Cretacolor leads are available in oil based and non oil based and in various degress of traditional sketching colours such as sanguine and sepia as well as graphite.  We also have the popular lead holders and lead sharpening boards.