Koh I Noor 5.6mm Leads

Once again those marvellous people at Koh I Noor have come up with a high quality product that doesn’t cost the earth.

These great packs of 6 x 5.6mm leads contain assorted colours in a sturdy carry box with a handy index.

Available in classic or metallic sets.
Koh I Noor Set 5.6mm leads mixed (6)

Contains White chalk, russet sepia, Light brown sepia, dark brown sepia, charcoal, graphite 

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Koh I Noor Set 5.6mm leads mixed (6) Metallic

Contains metallic leads - Bronze, green, pink, blue, gold, silver

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Koh I Noor 5.6mm lead holder
A lead holder for any 5.6mm lead.  Comes complete with an HB lead in it
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