Pentel Orenz 0.2mm Ultra Fine Mechanical Pencil

(-15.41%) £9.99
Pentel Orenz 0.2mm Ultra Fine Mechanical PencilFinest of fine, this 0.2mm pencil has a unique sliding sleeve mechanism to protect the lead.  Click once and it advances itself!

If a mechanical pencils first selling point is itís "unique anti-breaking lead systemĒ then you know it had better have come up with something pretty good. Well Pentel certainly have. Once set up (with a couple of clicks) the metal sleeve comes down to fully encase the  ultra fine lead. This stays in place as you write or draw and a rounded end means the casing never marks or scratches the paper giving incredibly clean, smooth and fine lines.

The sleeve automatically moves up as you use the lead so you donít have to keep clicking to ensure there is always enough lead.

The Orenz is as clever at it is useful. And itís very useful indeed.