Pencils4artists 'Blacker than Black' Carbon Pencils Compare Set

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Pencils4artists 'Blacker than Black' Carbon Pencils Compare Set

How do you describe a colour? Or a texture? When you need to find that ‘perfect brown’ or maybe something a ‘ bit waxier’ how can you make sure you have the pencil you really need?

Now you can take the guesswork out with our new P4A comparison sets. We are offering a unique mix of pencils across different ranges and manufacturers giving a fantastic opportunity to compare the relative qualities of several products.

Sets of 12 come in a recycled pencil case

Many pencil artists struggle to find that elusive 'blacker than black' line that doesn't have the shine of traditional graphite.  There are a bewildering array of types of these pencils on the market with some using ink in the mix, some using charcoal, some using oil.  Here we gather together a selection for you to try to see if you can find that perfect black line!

   Recycled pencil case

These sets contain

1 x Lyra Carbon Extra Dark
1 x Lyra Carbon
1 x Cretacolor Nero Pencils
1 x Faber Castell Pitt Oil pencil
1 x Faber Matt Graphite pencil

1 x Derwent Onyx
1 x Conte Carbon
1 x Conte Pierre Noir
1 x Conte charcoal pencil

1 x Wolffs Carbon
1 x General Pencil 595 Carbon
1 x Generals Charcoal Pencil