Lyra Color Giant Box of 12 - Coloured Barrel

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Lyra Color Giant Box of 12 -  Coloured Barrel
Lyra Color Giant Colour Pencils have the same beautiful, 6.5mm thick, highly pigmented cores as the Ferby & Super Ferby ranges, with a nice, chunky, hexagonal barrel which feels pleasantly weighty in the hand.

  • 10mm diameter, chunky hexagonal barrel
  • Nice chunky feel in the hand, great for people with gripping issues or arthiritis
  • Beautiful, strong and vibrant colours from highly pigmented cores 6.5mm core
  • Highly, break resistant leads

Contains one of each

001 White
 Lyra Color Giant 001 White
007 Yellow
 Lyra Color Giant 007 Yellow
013 Light Orange
 Lyra Color Giant 013 Light Orange
018 Scarlet lake
 Lyra Color Giant 018 Scarlet Lake
029 Pink Madder Lake
 Lyra Color Giant 029 Pink Madder lake
032 Light Flesh
 Lyra Color Giant 032 Light Flesh
038 Violet
 Lyra Color Giant 038 Violet
047 Light Blue
 Lyra Color Giant 047 Light Blue
051 Prussian blue
 Lyra Color Giant 051 Prussian Blue
067 sap green
 Lyra Color Giant 067 Sap Green
076 Van Dyke Brown
 Lyra Color Giant 076 Van Dyck Brown 
099 Black
 Lyra Color Giant 099 Black

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