Lyra Art Pen - Tin of 20 L6751200

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Lyra Art Pen - Tin of 20 L6751200

A selection set of 20 of the Lyra Art Pens.

The Lyra Art Pen is a superb, artist quality tool for allcolouring techniques, artistic drawing and sketches. The fine point tip issolid and gives a variable stroke width of 0.5 to 2mm depending on how it isused. The extra resistant fibre used in the tip ensures that the colour laydownis always smooth, clean and precise.

The high quality ink is water-soluble, odourless, vibrantand light resistant. The colours can be mixed and also layered over one anotherto make an endless rainbow of hues.

The Lyra Art pen is available in 36 loose colours includingfluorescent and metallic gold and silver permanent, opaque colours which can beused on dark surfaces . 

As you would expect of Lyra, the art pen is an excellent andversatile addition to any artists range.

. Water-soluble

. Light resistant

. Colours can be mixed and layered

.Durable, extra resistant solid tip ensures smooth evencolour.

. Available in 36 colours

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