Faber Castell Pitt Monochrome Charcoal Set of 24 Pieces

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Faber Castell Pitt Monochrome Charcoal Set of 24 PiecesNatural charcoal sticks are the oldest sketching and drawing material in the world. The greyish-blue shade glides softly across the paper rubs and smudges easily and can be erased without difficulty and repeatedly overlaid. Their blueish hue has always held a fascination even with the old masters.

The charcoal pencils leave a much blacker line than graphite pencils.  Compressed charcoal with soot and clay give the charcoal pencils their deep black colour and can be produced in different degree of hardness

Contains a range of natural drawing charcoal sticks and pencils as well as charcoal in stick and pencil form in a range of degree of hardness. A paper wiper (blender) and knead able eraser are also included.  24 Pieces in a presentation tin.