Derwent Battery Operated Twin Hole Sharpener

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Derwent Battery Operated Twin Hole Sharpener

This brilliant little piece of kit has a number of impressive design features all packed into a compact size not much bigger than a conventional tub sharpener. The two holes can handle any size barrel from 6mm to 12mm ensuring perfect and speedy sharpening for graphite or colour cores. Both high quality, durable blades are replaceable meaning no loss to the smoothness and sympathy of the sharpen. If you add into that a fantastic broken tip removing device, an easy-open clear tub so you can see when it needs emptying, and safety covers on the holes, you may just agree that it’s the most complete little battery sharpener on the market.

  • Takes 4xAA batteries, not included.
  • Twin holes take barrels 6-8mm and 9-12mm
  • High quality replaceable blades.
  • Broken tip remover
  • Easy-open, clear tub for shavings
  • Speedy sharpening
  • Compact design


Derwent battery operated twin hole sharpener in action