Cretacolor Aqua Monolith Pencils Tin of 36

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Cretacolor Aqua Monolith Pencils Tin of 36The Aqua Monolith is a solid cylinder of water-soluble colour pigment with a fine lacquer coating. The pencil can be sharpened to a fine point with any regular sharpener for detailed work but the lack of a wooden barrel means the pencil can be used almost flat to achieve quick and easy lay down of colour over a large area.

As all of the pencil can be used there is no wastage making them extremely economical.

A wash can be applied over the finished work to create beautiful watercolour effects. Also the shavings of Aqua Monolith can be dissolved in water and used as paint so many people find they are perfect as a two in one product for travel and outdoor artwork. 

  • Solid cylinder of pigment
  • Sharpen to a point for fine detail
  • 72 bright colours
  • No wastage makes them very economical
  • Fully watersoluble for numerous effects
  • Dissolve shavings in water for further use