Conte Studio Sketch Set

(-17.37%) £15.75
Conte Studio Sketch SetConte offers a traditional range of Drawing and Sketching Pencils with a variety of exceptional leads. These pencils are excellent for portrait, landscape and still life work. The Conté Pencils compliment the Conté Crayon perfectly and blend well with them.

1 Sanguine pencil Conte Sanguine Pencil
1 Sepia Pencil Conte Sepia Pencil
1 White Pencil Conte White Pencil
3 Pierre Noir (HB, B & 3B) Conte Pierre Noir Pencil
2 Charcoal (HB & 2B) Conte Charcoal Pencil
2 Graphite (HB & 2B) Conte Graphite Pencil
2 Carbon (HB & 3B) Conte Carbon Pencil

The perfect introduction to a range of Conte Sketching pencils.