Conté à Paris Graphite Pencils

Conte produce several graphite ranges that will suit all kinds of sketching and design work - High quality artists' Graphite Pencils and Sticks and a dense, black soft graphite range called Pierre Noire.

OurConte products are all sourced direct from Conte UK and as such you can buyfrom us in full confidence that none of our products are counterfeit.

Conte 1710 Pierre Noire Sketching Pencils - singles
The Conté Pierre Noire pencil is a soft lead pencil with a black that is rich, intense and matt.

It is recommended that the barrel alone should be sharpened with a knife and the lead shaped with a scraper or sandpaper.

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Conte 722 Carbon Sketching Pencil - singles
The Conté "Carbon" pencil has a core derived from traditional charcoal but is stronger, does not crumble or dirty the hands.

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Conte 601 Artists Graphite Pencil - singles
The Conté "Graphite" pencil has a particularly smooth core which allows it to slide over the paper and not scratch. This pencil is great for detailed and accurate work.

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Conte Graphite Lead Stick - singles
The Conté Graphite Lead Stick is a solid graphite lead in the form of a pencil with a light, lacquer coating. It's 170mm in length and 7.8mm in diameter.

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Conte Studio Sketch Set
The perfect introduction to a range of Conte Sketching pencils.

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Pencils4artists 'Blacker than Black' Carbon Pencils Compare Set
Many pencil artists struggle to find that elusive 'blacker than black' line that doesn't have the shine of traditional graphite.  There are a bewildering array of types of these pencils on the market with some using ink in the mix, some using charcoal, some using oil.  Here we gather together a selection for you to try to see if you can find that perfect black line!
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