Colour Shapers - Pastel Blending, Size 2 (small) Set

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Colour Shapers - Pastel Blending, Size 2 (small) Set
Colour Shapers are a unique tipped tool used for pastel blending as well as removing paint or applying masking fluid.
The ivory tip is softer and more  suited to blending pencil, pastel & charcoal while the grey tip 
is firmer and is for heavier body paints, glue, batik wax.  

Especially for Pastel blending, this set contains

Flat Chisel Point Shaper - flat even stroke in colour, for smudging and blending
Taper Point Shaper - fine detail and linear strokes
Fan Brush - use for light blending of large areas or to remove excess colour
Blender Brush - traditional cosmetic brush for dabbing, rolling and rubbing colour
All with a size 2 tip (small)