Wolff's Carbon Pencils

  • Made by the Royal Sovereign Pencil Co
  • A dark pencil with an extra black core
  • Smooth laydown which gives the look of charcoal with the smoothness of graphite
  • A great general sketching pencil

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Wolff's Carbon Pencils
Wolff's Carbon Pencils - singles

One of those hard to find pencils that has an army of devoted fans! The Wolff's Carbon Pencil has a great depth and a nice smooth finish and gives a 'deeper than 9B' black line.

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Pencils4artists 'Blacker than Black' Carbon Pencils Compare Set
Many pencil artists struggle to find that elusive 'blacker than black' line that doesn't have the shine of traditional graphite.  There are a bewildering array of types of these pencils on the market with some using ink in the mix, some using charcoal, some using oil.  Here we gather together a selection for you to try to see if you can find that perfect black line!
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