Pentel Art & Sketching Pens

Here we have our drawing and design pens from Pentel.  We have the excellent S570 Ultra Fineliner, perfect for precise, detailed drawing.  We also have the unique Fountain Pentel, with it's 'Delta Nib' it can create all kinds of calligraphic effects.

Pentel S570 Ultra Fine Fineliner Pen

Pentel Ultra Fine S570 fineliner pens have a 0.6mm nib which gives a 0.3mm line and is perfect for figure work, design or stencilling.

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Pentel JM20MB Fountain Pentel Pen - Black
Fountain Pentel JM20MB Pens give a variable width line thanks to the unique 'Delta Nib', giving a firm feel on one side and a flexible response on the other

Black ink

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