Lyra Groove Pencils

If you’re going to make a pencil that claims to be easy grip then you had better do it right.

Step forward the Lyra Groove.

Start with a larger,10mm triangular barre, then cut 24 offset grooves which are ergonomically placed to allow your thumb, index and middle finger to naturally fall into position. What you finish with is a product perfect for children or anyone who needs extra help holding a pencil.

If you add in the fact that Lyra have packed a huge amount of intensive colour into extra break-resistant leads, and that those leads are wrapped inside an easy sharpen wood barrel, and you might be forgiven for thinking that the Lyra Groove is one of the best children's pencils on the market.

Lyra Groove Pencil

Lyra Groove Box of 10
A nice selection of 10 Lyra Groove pencils.


 Lyra Groove White  Lyra Groove YellowLyra Groove Orange  Lyra Groove Red  Lyra Groove Flesh
 Lyra Groove Light Blue  Lyra Groove BlueLyra Groove Green  Lyra Groove Brown  Lyra Groove Black

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Lyra Groove Box of 96
This brilliant box comes with 96 Lyra Groove pencils in 24 different colours.

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Lyra Groove Graphite B
The excellent Lyra Groove pencil with an B graphite core.  

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Lyra Groove Sharpener
The perfect sharpener for your Lyra Groove pencils.

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