Koh I Noor 3800 Polycolor Colour Pencils

Koh i noor Polycolor pencils are a quality artist pencil made with an oil based core that provides colour with excellent light fastness and water resistance. The 3.8mm lead provides rich colour without the need for heavy pressure and, added to the hardness of the core which can be sharpened to a fine point, means they are perfect for detailed work.  Available in 72 colours they can be blended to produce numerous hues.  The 7mm hexagonal, softwood barrels are colour co-ordinated  with the core meaning they look and feel as lovely as they draw
  • Artists' quality
  • permanent, oil based core
  • high lightfastness and water resistance
  • Blendable
The full range of Koh I Noor 3800 Polycolor Pencils available individually
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