Derwent Metallic Colour Pencils

Derwent Metallic pencils
 are shimmering, highly metallic pencils that blend beautifully together to create vivid and striking metallic effects, particularly on dark paper
  • Metallic coloured pencils
  • 12 beautiful colours
  • Highly reflective
  • Will add some sparkle to any drawing!
The full range of Derwent Metallic Pencils available individually
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Our Price £1.75
Derwent Metallic
Derwent Metallic 12 Paint Pans Pallette
The highly reflective nature of these paints makes them perfect for use with either light or dark paper.

The 12 colours provide a wide spectrum individually but can be blended or layered to create any number of beautiful creations which maintain the shimmer even when dry.
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Derwent Metallic Watersoluble Colour Pencils Tin 12
A tin containing the full range of Derwent Metallic Colour Pencils.

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Derwent Metallic Colour Pencils - singles
Derwent Metallic

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Pencils4artists Colour Compare Set of 12 Metallic
A set of 12 metallic pencils from across several of our ranges.  Will contain at least one gold, one silver and a mixture of other options.  These pencils will be a mix of watersoluble and non water soluble.

Due to the varying size of the pencils in this set it is only available in one of our recycled (and fully recyclable) pencils case

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