Derwent Lightfast Pencils Tin of 72

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Derwent Lightfast pencils. We know they are good. But why are they so good? And what does Lightfast actually mean? Well, it means they are tested to standard ASTMS6901 giving an LF1 rating..... so...umm....thatís all clear then!

Letís get this cleared up because Derwent have worked very hard to take the guesswork out of this. ASTMS relates to the American Standard Testing paperwork and 6901 means the test is done on the actual finished pencil rather than the ingredients that go into making it, and LF1 means the product is 100% lighfast (LF2 is 80%) and will not fade, under museum conditions, for 100 years. So when Derwent call something Lightfast, they really mean it.

But what else makes them so good? Well, the oil based cores come in a huge range of 100 colours which are fully blendable on the page. They can be sharpened to a point for the most intricate of detail but are just soft enough for a smooth laydown of vibrant colour. The tactile 8mm barrel is made from natural Maple meaning it looks and feels as good as it works. Itís even Vegan friendly!

100 colours, 100% lightfast, and 100% brilliant!

  • 80-100% lighfast (ASTMS6901 rating LF1/LF2)
  • 100 colours range
  • Oil based and fully blendable
  • 8mm natural Maple barrel
  • Vegan friendly

It is easier to tell you what this tin doesn't contain!  So...the missing colours are

Golden Sun
Dark Honey
Dark Orange
Autumn Red
Mid Blue
Midnight Blue (70%)
Dark Cyan
Ocean Blue
Pacific Blue
Peridot (Blue)
Peridot (Yellow)
Green Earth
Mountain Green
Lichen Green
Warm Earth
Autumn Brown
Cool Grey