Derwent Drawing Pencils

The Derwent Drawing pencil range is often referred to by artists as the 'fur and feather' range.  The beautiful, muted colours are perfect to create nature studies, landscapes or seascapes and because it has a wide range of natural and sepia tones it is also ideal for portraiture.  These tones are complemented with soft blues, greys, greens and creams. With an 8mm wide barrel the Derwent Drawing pencil has a lovely soft core making it easily blendable and smudegable.
  • Natural and sepia tones
  • 8mm round barrel
  • Extra wide 5mm core
  • The 'fur & feather range' - perfect for natural subjects including animals, portraiture, land and seascapes
The full range of Derwent Drawing Pencils available individually
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Derwent Drawing Pencils Singles
Derwent Drawing Pencils - singles
Derwent Drawing Pencils are known as the 'fur and feathers' range because they are perfect for wildlife studies and portraits. The extra thick, creamy textured core allows for great blending and subtle tonal transitions. The depth and richness of the colours along with a slightly waxy consistency means they are also excellent for landscapes and any dramatic or atmospheric compositions. Available in 24 velvety colours.

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Derwent Drawing Pencils Tin 12

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Derwent Drawing Pencils Tin 24
The entire Derwent Drawing Pencil range in a handy tin.

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