Derwent Artists Colour Pencils

The Derwent Artists pencil is a broad, round pencil with a traditional wide core which means you can make broader strokes in free and expressive drawing. Derwent Artists pencils have a slightly waxy texture which allows you to layer and blend with ease creating a vast range of different tints and hues to compliment the already large range of 120 rich and beautiful colours.

The Derwent Artists range is colour matched to the Derwent Studio range which has 72 of the Artists colour range but with a finer, crisper line which is ideal for adding detail.

The Derwent Artists range is the first coloured pencil Derwent developed in the 1930s and used to be known as the No. 19 Range.
  • 120 highly pigmented colours
  • Round 8mm barrel
  • Wide 4mm core
  • Break resistant core
The full range of Derwent Artists Colour Pencils available individually
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Derwent Artists Pencils - singles
Derwent Artists Colour Pencils - singles
Artists Pencil

Derwent Artists Colour Pencils
are a wide core pencil which provides broad strokes for expressive drawing. They have a slightly waxy texture that allows excellent blending and layering. Available in a huge range of 120 rich and beautiful colours.

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Derwent Artists Black and White Tin of 6
This neat little tin holds 3 x White (Oyster, Arctic & Pure) and 3 x Black (Raven, Midnight & Forest) pencils from Derwent Artists range.  These pencils do not appear in the singles range.

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Derwent Artists Colour Pencils Tin of 72


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