Cretacolor Pencil Accessories

  • A range of unusual accessories
  • holders for pencils and carres available
  • Drawing tools kits provide variation of effect
  • All of the usual high standard we have come to expect from our friends at Cretacolor!
Cretacolor Monolith Eraser Small
A lovely soft pencil eraser for any graphite pencil.

(-12.50%) £1.05
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Cretacolor Battery Operated Eraser
A precise, non smudging battery-powered eraser, with a pleasant, ergonomic design making it comfortable to grip.

Comes with 7 white replacement erasers (soft erasers) and 3 harder grey erasers for erasing on more resistant bases.

This eraser also comes with 4 rubber tubes with different inside diameters so you can mount special tools for engraving, polishing for various kind of surfaces (the tools are not included in the packet)

revolution per minute: 14600 - 32000 u/min

(-15.58%) £22.75
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Cretacolor Monolith Pencil Extender
Extend your favourite pencils with this sophisticated pencil extender. Hand-coloured in marbled white and silver design and fitted with a solid metal clamp. 
Will fit any standard pencil.

(-12.00%) £5.50
In Stock
Cretacolor Monolith Protective Caps for Pencils
The ultimate protection for the points of your favourite pencils when you are out and about!  For standard pencils.

(-12.50%) £1.05
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Cretacolor Paper Stumps Set of 5
A handy set of 5 different sized blending stumps from 4mm - 9mm to allow for blending in larger areas as well as more detailed work.

(-15.45%) £4.65
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Cretacolor Artists Blending Set for Pastels, Charcoal & Graphite
For blending and shading of pastels, charcoal and graphite.

(-16.27%) £14.20
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Cretacolor 5.6mm Lead Holder - Natural Wood
A holder for making working with 5.6mm leads cleaner and easier, while also protecting the leads.
Comes complete with a 2B Graphite lead


(-13.56%) £12.75
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Cretacolor Classic Lead Holder for 5.6mm leads 430 16
The triangular shaped, plastic 5.6mm lead holder comes complete with a 2B Graphite lead and has a lovely comfortable grip.

(-13.69%) £14.50
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Cretacolor Ergonomic Plastic Lead Holder with Sharpener for 5.6mm leads 430 15
The ergonomically shaped 5.6mm lead holder with a useful lead sharpener at the other end. Comes complete with a 2B Graphite lead

(-14.10%) £16.75
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Cretacolor Lead & Pastel Sharpening Board
12 sheets of sharpening board for easy shaping of leads and pastels.

(-13.92%) £3.40
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