Conté à Paris Carres Crayons

Conte Crayons, or Carre, being harder than pastels or charcoals create crisp, tight lines as opposed to the more smudged look of softer pastels or charcoal. Conte Crayons can be used in various ways to great effect and varying the pressure will increase or decrease the colour density. Conte Pastel Pencils compliment Conte Crayons perfectly and both blend beautifully
Our Conte products are all sourced direct from Conte UK and as such you can buy from us in full confidence that none of our products are counterfeit.
  • Using the "flat edge" and varying the pressure (the greater the pressure on the pastel, the denser the colour obtained)
  • Holding the carre upright or slightly slanted, you can draw using the 8 angles at the end (allowing you to sketch and structure the drawing).
  • Can be used with any types of grained papers (especially semi-colored papers), canvas or surfaces with an uneven texture are perfect.
  • Incredibly rich in colour and versatile
Conté à Paris Sketching Carres Crayons - Singles
Conte Carres Crayons Sketching Range - singles

Conte Carres

These crayons are very soft to use and are manufactured using natural pigments (iron oxides, carbon black, titanium dioxide), clay (kaolin) and a binder (cellulose ether). They are then baked after being extruded and dried. The degree of baking varies the grade (hardness: H/softness: B) of the black and white crayons.

Two special tints for portraits (rose and brown) were recently developed and enhance this "sketching" range.

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Conte Carres Crayons Box of 12 Sketching Crayons
A compact little set of 12 mixed crayons from the Sketching Range.

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