Conte Charcoal Sketching Pencils

  • Traditional Charcoal in a wood case
  • Can be sharpened like a normal soft pencil
  • 4 degrees available to allow for different levels of shading
  • The flair and drama of charcoal minus the mess!
Our Conte products are all sourced direct from Conte UK and as such you can buy from us in full confidence that none of our products are counterfeit

The full range of Conte Charcoal Pencils available singly 
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Conte Charcoal Pencils
Conte 728 Charcoal Sketching Pencil - singles
The Conté Charcoal pencil gives a clean, dense finish of intense black.

This pencil blends perfectly with the iron red and sepia pencils and allows you to produce more accurate and carefully drawn lines than traditional charcoal it also does not dirty your hands.

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