Staedtler Mars 2mm Lead Pointer Tub

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Staedtler Mars 2mm Lead Pointer TubA brilliantly designed little sharpening tub for 2mm leads.  Use the smaller holes to set the amount of lead protrusion to give you a sharp or blunter finish then place the pencil in the large hole and spin it round! 

Leadholders require different points due to the variety of applications they are used for:

  • A blunt point for normal writing and 
  • A very sharp point for drawing

The triangular symbols next to the small holes indicate the different kinds of points.

The fine, sharp point on the left is suitable for drawing, the normal point on the right (shown as being slightly blunt) is for writing. 

The holes are used for setting the amount of lead protrusion.


STAEDTLER Mars leadholder sharpener instructions

Note on use: 

Place the leadholder point with the preset level of lead protrusion in the pointer’s main hole and turn together with the lid in a clockwise direction until the resistance eases off.

The lead is now sharpened.

Any graphite dust on the lead can be removed by gently twisting the sharpened lead around in the cleaning device (light-coloured hole in the bottom centre of the illustration).