Lyra Super Ferby Tin of 18 - Natural wood Barrel

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Lyra Super Ferby Tin of 18 - Natural wood BarrelLyra Super Ferby Pencils are a longer version of the wildly popular Ferby.  With beautiful, thick, highly pigmented leads that have lovely rich colours with a comfortable triangular barrel which sits beautifully in the hand. Thick, 6.3mm lead which gives great coverage and makes a movely mark on the paper. These are particularly good for people with gripping problems or arthiritis.
  • Their triangular shape is ergonomically designed for comfort
  • chunky 10mm diameter Lyra Ferby and Super Ferby is great for people with arthritis or problems gripping.
  • The end of the pencil is wood sealed
  • Break resistant, highly pigmented 6.3mm diameter leads.
  • The highly pigmented colour is beautifully strong and deep.
here is what one of our customers said about the Lyra Ferby -

"The colours are nice and strong which I really wish I had discovered before because previous crayons and coloured pencils I had purchased were really weak colours which I now feel discouraged her with drawing as you could hardly see what was drawn...."
Mrs. L.

Tin contains

1 White
Lyra Color Giant 001 White 
47 Light Blue
Lyra Color Giant 047 Light Blue
4 Zinc Yellow
Lyra Color Giant 004 Zinc Yellow  
51 Prussian Blue
Lyra Color Giant 051 Prussian Blue
7 Yellow
Lyra Color Giant 007 Yellow
67 Sap Green
Lyra Color Giant 067 Sap Green
13 Light Orange
Lyra Color Giant 013 Light Orange
70 Apple Green
Lyra Color Giant 070 Apple Green
18 Scarlet Lake
Lyra Color Giant 018 Scarlet Lake
76 Van Dyck Brown   
Lyra Color Giant 076 Van Dyck Brown
27 Light Carmine
Lyra Color Giant 027 Light Carmine
90 Indian Red
Lyra Color Giant 090 Venetian Red
29 Pink Madder Lake   
Lyra Color Giant 029 Pink Madder Lake
99 Black
Lyra Color Giant 099 Black
32 Light Flesh
Lyra Color Giant 032 Light Flesh
250 Gold
Lyra Color Giant 250 Gold
38 Violet
Lyra Color Giant 038 Light Violet
251 Silver
Lyra Color Giant 251 Silver