Lyra Pencil Accessories

  • Sharpeners for larger gauge pencils such as Lyra Color Giants
  • The Lyra Splender pencil which blends and adds shine and polish
  • Special accessories for Lyra Graphite Crayons
  • The perfect additions to your Lyra Pencil collection
Lyra Pencil Lengthener
Made from Beechwood this handy pencil holder is great for when your pencils get too short to comfortably hold! Has a metal ring at the open end to hold your pencil securely. 
Will hold any standard pencil.

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Lyra Rembrandt Splender Pencil
The Lyra Splender colourless blending pencil, when applied with a little pressure, gives coloured pencil drawings a glossy surface and blends colours together seamlessly.

(-8.76%) £1.25
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Kum Sharpener for Graphite Crayons
A handy sharpener created specially for the Lyra Graphite Crayons, Lyra Profi Marking crayons, Faber Graphite Crayons, Staedtler Omnigraph Crayons and any other 12mm diameter crayons.
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Lyra Crayon Holder 4762210
A holder for the Lyra Graphite and Watersoluble Graphite Crayons, or Lyra Profi Markng Crayon (and any crayons of 12mm) that will stop you getting so messy and allow you to use your crayons right to the stump!

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Lyra Twin Hole Tub Sharpener for Ferby & Color Giants
A double hole sharpener with one hole the perfect fit for your 11mm pencils (including the Lyra Color Giant, Lyra Ferby & Lyra Super Ferby) and one for standard 8mm pencils.

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Lyra Wood Pencil Lengthener for Ferby, Super Ferby  & Color Giants
Use your Lyra Ferby, Super Ferby or Color Giant pencils right down to the stump!
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