Lyra Ferby Tub of 18 - Coloured Barrel

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Lyra Ferby Tub of 18 - Coloured Barrel
The Lyra Ferby have long been accepted as one of the best pencils around for all artists and especially children, left handers and people who have problems with gripping. They are high in pigment with a lovely, thick 6.3mm diameter lead to make beautiful, rich marks on the paper.  Only 12cm long so fit nicely in little hands!
  • Their triangular shape is ergonomically designed for comfort
  • chunky 10mm diameter Lyra Ferby and Super Ferby is great for people with arthritis or problems gripping.
  • The end of the pencil is wood sealed
  • Break resistant, highly pigmented 6.3mm diameter leads.
  • The highly pigmented colour is beautifully strong and deep.
here is what one of our customers said about the Lyra Ferby -

"The colours are nice and strong which I really wish I had discovered before because previous crayons and coloured pencils I had purchased were really weak colours which I now feel discouraged her with drawing as you could hardly see what was drawn...."
Mrs. L.

Contains 1 of each

001 White Lyra Ferby Pencil 001 White   047 Light Blue Lyra Ferby Pencil 047 Light Blue
004 Zinc Yellow Lyra Ferby Pencil 004 Zinc Yellow   051 Prussian blue Lyra Ferby Pencil 051 Prussian Blue
007 Yellow Lyra Ferby Pencil 007 Yellow   067 sap green Lyra Ferby Pencil 067 Sap Green
013 Light Orange Lyra Ferby Pencil 013 Light Orange   070 Apple Green Lyra Ferby Pencil 070 Apple Green
018 Scarlet lake Lyra Ferby Pencil 018 Scarlet Lake   076 Van Dyke Brown   Lyra Ferby Pencil 076 Van Dyck Brown
027 Light Carmine Lyra Ferby Pencil 027 Light Carmine   090 Venetian Red Lyra Ferby Pencil 090 Venetian Red
029 Pink Madder Lake     Lyra Ferby Pencil 029 Pink Madder Lake   099 Black Lyra Ferby Pencil 099 Black
032 Light Flesh Lyra Ferby Pencil 032 Light Flesh   250 Gold Lyra Ferby Pencil 250 Gold
038 Violet Lyra Ferby Pencil 038 Violet   251 Silver Lyra Ferby Pencil 251 Silver