Lyra Ferby Pencils

  • 12cm (short) pencils perfect for smaller hands!
  • Highly pigmented 6.3mm diameter leads
  • Beautiful, rich colours with excellent coverage
  • Triangular, ergonomic shape
Lyra Ferby Graphite Pencils - singles
Single Lyra Ferby Graphite pencils

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Lyra Ferby Tub of 18 - Coloured Barrel

(-15.52%) £13.99
Lyra Ferby Cup of 36 - Coloured Barrel
This cup contains a 12 colour selection with three of each colour pencil included.


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Lyra Ferby Box 96 - Coloured barrel

(-19.34%) £99.99
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Lyra Twin Hole Tub Sharpener for Ferby & Color Giants
A double hole sharpener with one hole the perfect fit for your 11mm pencils (including the Lyra Color Giant, Lyra Ferby & Lyra Super Ferby) and one for standard 8mm pencils.

(-7.14%) £1.95
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Lyra Wood Pencil Lengthener for Ferby, Super Ferby  & Color Giants
Use your Lyra Ferby, Super Ferby or Color Giant pencils right down to the stump!
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