Lyra Ferby Pencils

Lyra Ferby Pencils are an ergonomically designed triangular shape which is great for people with arthritis or problems gripping as well as for children. Lyra Ferby have a 6.3mm diameter, break resistant, highly pigmented core which lays down beautifully strong and deep colour.

To order the Lyra Ferby Colour Pencils simply put the number of each colour you require in the Quantity box next to the colours wanted, click on the "Add to basket" button and all the colours you've chosen will be added to your basket in one go, simple as that!

Please Note: Lyra have now discontinued many single Ferby colour pencils the colours available, shown below, are the ony ones available

RRP 88p
Our Price 75p

 Lyra Ferby
Quantity Quantity Quantity
Lyra Ferby Colour Pencils - 007 Lemon Yellow 007 Lemon Yellow
Lyra Ferby Colour Pencils - 029 Pink Madder Lake 029 Pink Madder Lake
Lyra Ferby Colour Pencils - 013 Light Orange

013 Light Orange

Lyra Ferby Colour Pencils - 047 Light Blue 047 Light Blue
Lyra Ferby Colour Pencils - 067 Sap Green 067 Sap Green
Lyra Ferby Colour Pencils - 076 Van Dyke Brown 076 Van Dyke Brown