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Wooden Boxes & Large Tins of Pencils

Wooden Boxes & Large Tins of PencilsThere is nothing more exciting to a pencil geek than opening a beautiful presentation wooden box or large tin of their favourite pencils.  Sumptuously laid out in colour order they quicken the pulse of all pencil artists!  Treat the artist in your life this Christmas.

Special Pencil Accessories

Special Pencil AccessoriesIt isn't just sharpeners and erasers that pencil artists need!  There are lots of great accessories on the market, from luxurious crank sharpeners to drawing aids, erasers to water brushes.  Perfect for stocking fillers for any artist.

Exclusive P4A Selection Tins

Exclusive P4A Selection Tins

How do you describe a colour? Or a texture? When you need to find that ‘perfect brown’ or maybe something a ‘ bit waxier’ how can you make sure you have the pencil you really need?

Now you can take the guesswork out with our new P4A comparison sets. We are offering a unique mix of pencils across different ranges and manufacturers giving a fantastic opportunity to compare the relative qualities of several products

Special Sets of Colour Pens

Special Sets of Colour PensBeautiful pen and ink effects, sketching ink or watersoluble mixable inks.  Choose from soft brush nibs or firmer nibs.  Brush pens offer a great alternative to portable pen and inks.  Use in sketching, cartooning, manga and too add beautiful effects to your art