Pilot ENO Lead refills for propelling pencils are now smoother, stronger and darker than before. Special synthetic bonding makes them stronger and more durable than other leads and prevents such easy breakage (and therefore wastage)

Available in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm with a great selection of grades to choose from, Pilot ENO leads will fit any propelling pencil of the appropriate diameter.
Please note: Any grade marked as temporarily out of stock can still be back-ordered and will be sent on when new stock arrives postage free.

Pilot ENO refill leads


RRP £2.50 per tube
Our Price £1.95 per tube

0.5mm / 0.7mm / 0.9mm
RRP £1.49
Our Price £1.15

Pilot Eno 0.3mm Leads
0.3mm Tube of 12 Leads
0.3mm HB 0.3mm B  0.3mm 2B

Pilot 0.5mm Eno Leads
0.5mm Tube of 12 Leads
0.5mm 3H 0.5mm 2H 0.5mm H  0.5mm HB 0.5mm B  0.5mm 2B

Pilot 0.7mm Eno Leads
0.7mm Tube of 12 Leads
0.7mm 3H 0.7mm 2H 0.7mm HB 0.7mm B  0.7mm 2B
Out of stock

Pilot 0.9mm Eno Leads
0.9mm Tube of 12 Leads
0.9mm 2H 0.9mm H  0.9mm HB 0.9mm B