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Traditional Monochrome Sketching Pencils
Traditional Monochrome Sketching Pencils
includes whites, blacks, sepias and sanguines
in oil based and dry (pastel) based pencils
What Are Traditional Sketching Pencils?
Over the centuries pencil sketchers have come to use several colours termed as traditional sketching pencils. Namely the monochrome colours of Sanguines, Sepias, Whites and Blacks which come in various grades and are often used for life sketching and portraiture. Combined with graphite products they are ideal for providing beautiful tonality in your drawing.  Enhanced with white, and with the shadows deepened with black, they lend vitality, liveliness and expression to the drawings. This old tradition of figure drawing dates back to the Renaissance and no serious portraiturist or life drawer's pencil case is complete without a good range of them.
Among these sketching ranges are also Charcoal pencils. Exactly as they sound charcoal pencils are strips of charcoal encased in wood. With a slightly harder texture than stick charcoal these are great for hard lines which can then be smudged and give that velvety black finish peculiar to charcoal. They are also a lot less messy than sticks!
  • Use reds (sanguines) for portraiture and nude work.
  • Whites add highlights to red and sepia studies and is used on black or tinted papers.
  • Sepias add depth and are also used in portraiture and nude studies
  • Black chalks or pastel pencils are mixable with water for adding washes, shading and lowlights
  • Pastel pencils can be smudged and worked with stumps, fingers or kneadable erasers
  • Charcoal pencils can be smudged and are great for pre-painting sketches
  • Oil Based Sketching Pencils are waterproof and smudgproof and will provide the permanent lines which are the basis for your drawing.

  • As well as traditional, dry (non oil) sketching pencils from Faber Castell, Conte, Cretacolor and Lyra
  • we also have oil based pencils in the same kind of shades. These offer a rich variety for sketchers with a waxier, water and smudge proof finishes. Cretacolor Sanguine Oil and Sepia Oil pencils, Lyra Rembrandt Red Chalk No300 and Faber Castell Oil based Sanguine are among these.
  • There are also black versions that have oil bases and are fantastic for achieving great detail and linework in sketching – see Faber Castell Pitt Black Pencils, Cretacolor Nero Sketching Pencils and Lyra Rembrandt Oil Based Carbon Pencils.
  • For charcoal pencils we offer several ranges in several grades – Conté à Paris Charcoal Pencils, Lyra Rembrandt Charcoal Pencils, Cretacolor and Derwent as well as the fabulous Tinted Charcoal range from Derwent which combines traditional charcoal with a little pigment to bring colour to your charcoal sketches.
  • The Conte Carres Sketching range is a range of sketching crayons which are slightly oilier than pastels and allow for easier layering and overworking.