Derwent Watecolour Pencils Derwent Watercolour Pencils
The beauty of watercolour with the control of a pencil.
  • Use like a dry colour pencil to create your initial picture
  • Add a little water with a brush or spritzer to create all kind of different effects and beautiful washes
  • New formulation means that pigment is transferred quickly to the paper, this allows you to create a variety of effects from bold colours to light washes
  • Add to wet paper for a range of different effects
  • Use a piece of natural sponge or kitchen roll to lift out colour and soften the edges of clouds in the sky.
  • A craft knife is great for scraping out highlights in a drawing such as foreground grasses and veins on leaves.
  • 72 beautiful colours from which you can blend a huge range of other shades and tints