Tombow Brush Pen Set
Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens
Tombow single brush pen

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens have, as the name suggests, two separate nibs. One is a solid nib which can be used for precise, detailed work. The other is a soft, flexible brush for broad sweeping colour.

The pens have a single ink reservoir which means there is always an exact colour match between the two ends.

They are available in 96 lovely colours and the ink is water soluble so the colours can be blended like water-colour paint.

You can apply the ink to a glossy surface and use water and a blender to mix colours and create beautiful effects.
The ink is odourless but is not light fast, so it will fade in time if left in direct sunlight (not usually a problem for P4A as we live in England). 

Tombow Blending Kit
P4A recommend that to fully explore all the possibilities of a Dual Brush pen you use them in conjunction with a Tombow Blending Kit.
The kit contains a Blending Palette, a Colourless Blender Pen and a Spray Mister.

The Blending Palette has a glossy wipe clean surface and you can apply colour from any pen to it. You can use it to mix and blend colours or dab paper straight to the palette to create interesting colour effects. If you apply a dark colour to the palette, drag a lighter pen over it to pick up the colour and apply to paper, it will give a lovely two tone appearance as the darker colour bleeds out.

The Colourless Blender Pen can be used to pick up colour from the palette and apply to your work. The colour will magically appear dark to light and therefore beautiful shading and lighting effects can be achieved without effort. It can also be used to blend colours directly on watercolour paper thus creating feathering and tonal changes.

As with most watercolour work, some form of water is needed, (I's like we are experts!) and the Blending Kit has this covered in the form a a Spray Mister. This handy little bottle allows you either to create a fine mist over a large area, keeping your ink or compositions moist in order to work them more, or you can direct the spray onto a smaller and more detailed area.

And as if that is not enough, the kit also contains a blending guide and Tombow colour chart which shows some quick and easy techniques and project guides, probably much better than we do here!