Conte Carres Conte Carres
Split into two categories for different uses
The sketching range
is composed of various reputable red, grey and blackish-brown tints with 3 gradations of black and white to complete the range. These crayons are very soft to use and are manufactured using natural pigments (iron oxides, carbon black, titanium dioxide), clay (kaolin) and a binder (cellulose ether). They are then baked after being extruded and dried. The degree of baking varies the grade (hardness: H/softness: B) of the black and white crayons.
The Colour Range
has a chart of 70 bright and balanced colours and all Conté Carres crayons are produced from a highly rigorous choice of pigments.
Using Conte Carres
  • Using the flat edge and vary the pressure, the greater the pressure on the pastel, the denser the colour obtained.
  • Holding the carre upright or slightly slanted, you can draw using the 8 angles at the end, this allows you to sketch and structure the drawing.
  • Conte Carres can be used on all types of grained papers, especially semi-colored papers, canvas or surfaces with an uneven texture are perfect
The difference between Conte Carres and Other Pastels
Conte Carres are similar in make up to other pastels and crayons but are a little oilier.  This means that they layer up better and that they work very well in combination with sketching pencils.  Although they are fairly soft they are not as chalky as soft pastels nor are they as oily as oil pastels.