Derwent Aquatone  Derwent Aquatone
Paint in a stick!  The solid stick offers you 4 times more useable material then a woodcased version with absolutely no wastage.
  • Use on wet or dry surfaces for numerous different finishes
  • Peel off the protective wrapper and apply on its side to give you broad sweeps of colour.
  • Create your picture using dry Aquatone then add water with a paintbrush to create different effects
  • Why not try scraping a little dry Aquatone straight onto pre wetted paper and use  a brush or finger to smudge

    Tips from artist Malcolm Cudmore
  • Rotate the Aquatone stick in your hand while you use it – this way it will require far less sharpening and there will be no wastage.
  • When you sharpen the sticks, keep the shavings in pots (Grate ‘n' Shake and Shave ‘n' Save) for diluting into washes for even less wastage!
  • Make colour charts with all the colours in your set and keep them in a sketch book for regular reference while you work.
  • Use the point of the stick for making precise marks and details.
  • Adding water to your dry marks will bring the colour to life and make it brighter.
  • Working the dry stick onto patches of wet paper will give soft-edged, but vibrantly coloured marks.
  • For really vibrant colour, work directly off the end of the stick onto your paper with a damp brush.
  • Dried Aquatone washes or marks can be re-wet for adjustment later.
  • Make up a small collection of short lengths of your favourite Aquatone colours. Keep them in a Derwent pocket wrap together with a waterbrush and a small block of watercolour paper for an ever-ready outdoor sketching kit.

    Aquatone is great value for money and will give you many hours of creative pleasure.