Derwent Artbar Information, Hints & Tips

Derwent Artbar Derwent Artbar
Wax based bars which are completely watersoluble
  • Use on wet or dry surfaces for numerous different finishes
  • Build up heavy marks and depth to your drawing really quickly using several layers.  Pigment is deposited really quickly onto the page because of the consistency of the bars.
  • Solid bars of higly pigmented colour with a beautiful creamy consistency
  • Rich, opaque colour
  • Derwent Artbar are triangular in shape you have different corners and edges to use to create all sorts of exciting new marks.
  • Blending and layering couldn't be easier - all you need to do is warm the pigment with your breath and you can gently blend the colours with your finger!
Artbar is the perfect product for people who like to play and experimant with their art supplies to find new ways of creating pictures. They are great for creating large, dramatic pieces or use the corners for finer detail.

The differences between Aquatone & Artbar

  • Aquatone is purely watercolour pencils with no wood, or watercolour in a stick form.
  • Artbar is not watercolour, the texture is completely different; it is more comparable to an oil pastel except it has the added bonus of being water-soluble.
  • Aquatone feels like you're drawing with a pencil, it is fairly hard.
  • You can't build up thick marks and pigment with Aquatone, like you can with Artbar.
  • Aquatone doesn't allow you to layer over in a completely opaque way. It is just like drawing with a pencil whereas Artbar is so soft you can layer over other colours and cover over old marks.
  • When you add water you have to treat Aquatone as watercolour paintings, you can't go over what you've already done and expect to be able to cover it completely or change things, the colours will start to get very muddy. Because Artbar is opaque you can cover over with ease.
  • When you add water to Artbar you can create everything from light washes to really opaque paint.

The differences between Inktense Blocks and Artbar

  • Inktense Blocks are a sister product to Inktense pencils, so the consistency is fairly firm, which means the colour goes down quite thinly – like ink.
  • Artbar consistency is much softer and creamy like an oil pastel so you get thick coverage.
  • Inktense pigment is ink based, which means it is translucent and permanent once washed out with water, and allowed to dry. You can layer over colours and still see the earlier colours (which remain unchanged) through your next layer.
  • Artbar pigment is very opaque and not permanent. If you go over the top of previous marks you can completely cover them up.